Thursday, August 09, 2012

HETERODOXY TOUR - 09/08 @ Zepp Diver City

01. Vortex
02. Maggots 
04. Agony
05. Sugar pain
06. clever monkey
07. ガンジスに紅い薔薇 - Ganges ni akai bara
08. 痴情 - Chijou
09. 「紅蓮」Guren
10. Before i decay
11. Vermin
12. Hyena
13. Filth in the beauty
14. Headache man

E1. Ride with the rockers
E2. 赤いワンピース - Akai one piece
E3. 泥だらけの青春 - Doro Darake No Seishun
E5. Ruder
E6. LINDA~candydive Pinky heaven

WE1. 関東土下座組合 - Kantou dogeza kumiai

What happened?

  • During Kantou, Uruha went to the drum and started playing it with sticks, in the meantime Aoi -from behind- went near him and rubbed between his legs with his right hand.
  •  Ruki bent over Uruha right between his legs. 
  • During Kantou: Aoi rubbed between Ruki's legs. 
  • Aoi went near Reita and just before Aoi was about to kiss him, Reita turned his head. 
  • Ruki went near Reita and rested his hand on his knee, so Reita leaned his head on Ruki's shoulder.

  • Ruki stumbled upon his words and instead of saying Tsua- ( ツアー tour) he said "Tsuba- .. Tsuwa-.."
  • Reita: "Today is the last date (of the tour)."
    Fans: "Nooo!"
    Reita: "We'll be always together! When we are on tour it's like you are always with us!" 
  • During Ruki's MC, Reita's bass was still sounding.
    Ruki: "What's that?"
    Since there were problems, staff went to Reita.
    Ruki kept saying "What happened? What happened? Whaaaaat happeeeened?? Did it happen again?"
    Reita just nodded and Ruki started talking about the album. When they fixed the problem, Reita played his bass with a happy face.
    Ruki: "Don't be so happy, it's normal for the sound to come out!" *laugh* 
  • Ruki: "I won't make you sleep today!" when he said that Uruha was laughing. 
  • Kai: "Today is the last day, right? We are sadder than you, so we'll meet again!!"
    Fan: "Yeaaah!"
    Kai: "Since you can say 'yeah' even now, from now on I want you to get wild!"

  • During Kantou Aoi drank some beer, then put the can under his armpit and when he got up on the stand at the center of the stage he threw it to fans. 
  •  Kai too, for the second encore, got on stage with a beer can, he drank a bit and made a satisfied face like to say "So good~" 
  • For the Double Encore Uruha got on stage while drinking a beer too.

  • It seems that Kai sang too. 
  • Ruki was sitting on the stand in the center of the stage and Aoi was near him but Ruki didn't turn over to Aoi, so he gave up and before getting up he stroked Ruki's head. 
  • Uruha was really cute today, while he stroked his hairs with his hand his pick fell and he started looking for it. 
  • Reita threw a kiss to fans.

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  1. It really is very efficient that to have the LIVE REPORT. They are so funny to, and have a happy ending of FC Tour. Thank you very much!

  2. are they going to make a dvd on all the tours? if they are i want to get it soo badly XD