Saturday, July 28, 2012

DIVISION composers

01. [Depth] - Ruki
02. 歪 (Ibitsu) - Ruki
03. 籠の蛹 (Kago no Sanagi) - Kai
04. ヘドロ (Hedoro) - Uruha
05. 影踏み (Kagefumi) - Uruha (ballad)
06. 余韻 (Yoin) - Aoi
07. [Diplosomia] - Ruki

08. [XI] - Ruki
09. Derangement - Ruki
10. Required Malfunction - Ruki
11. Dripping Insanity - Ruki
12. Attitude - Ruki
13. Gabriel on the Gallows - Uruha
14. [Melt] - Uruha

4 commenti:

  1. I think it's a pretty good distribution. Ruki has 8.. One of which isn't a song and I think another one isn't a song. So 2 SEs. That means its about half and half (in actual songs). Ruki did 6, the other 6 belong to the rest of the band. I'm pretty happy about that. This means there will be more diversity among the songs. Toxic didn't have much diversity at all, next to zero actually. Uruha only did two songs on that album. I'm excited.

  2. the autotune ruined everything..

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