Friday, July 27, 2012

HETERODOXY TOUR - 27/07 @ Zepp Fukuoka

01. Vortex
02. Sludgy cult
04. 赤いワンピース - Akai one piece
05. Psychedelic Heroine
06. 春雪の頃 - Shunsetsu no koro
07. The invisible wall
08. 菫 - Sumire
09. Calm envy
10. Agony
11. Clever monkey
12. Vermin
13. Headache man
14. Filth in the Beauty
15. Discharge

E1. Ride with the rockers
E3. 泥だらけの青春 - Doro Darake No Seishun
E4. Ruder
E5. LINDA~candydive Pinky heven
E6. 関東土下座組合 - Kantou dogeza kumiai

WE1. 貴女ノ為ノ此ノ命 - Anata no tame no kono inochi

What happened?

  • Aoi and Uruha were on the stand at the center of the stage during Akai One Piece, Aoi moved closer to Uruha and kissed him near his ear and Uruha smiled widely. 

  • Ruki: "I thought Fukuoka was hot and you are embarrassed instead? But when we’ll start playing, you’ll get hot! Are you embarrassed people?"
    Fans: "Yess!"
    Ruki: “Are you hot people?"
    Fans: "Yess!!"
    Ruki: "You are both!" *laugh*
  • Ruki: "I can’t hear your voice!! Are you embarrassed?? Embarassed people, raise your hand!"
    -some fans raised their hands-
    Ruki: "I’ll punch you! I want to punch you! So.. what about not embarassed people!"
    -some fans raised their hands-
    Ruki: "So few!"
  • Reita -since fans were a bit dull- said: "Someone show me what you got!"
    Fans: "Ok!!"
    Reita: "So.. people with the yellow bow!!" and pointed the crowd
    Fans "woooooooooii!!"
    Reita: "Good, and now show that to Kaikun too!"
    Fans: "ok!!!"
    Kai: "Good, can you do it now???" and started cheering fans as always. 

  • Uruha finally said something during the WE.
  • Uruha, Kai and Reita came out first for the WE. Since Aoi wasn’t coming out, fans started to call him like a chorus. Then Uruha pointed at the part of the stage where Aoi was and said: "the others are there and watching us." So Reita played ‘Stand by me’, but even when he finished playing, the other didn’t come out so fans burst out laughing. When finally everybody came out, Reita went near Aoi and whispered something to his ear and fans got excited. 
  • Reita took Uruha’s guitar and put it on Uruha himself. 
  • Aoi didn’t speak but he didn’t seem in a bad mood since he was smiling. Some fans said it seems he wasn’t feeling very well (physically). 
  • During Doro Darake’s intro: Uruha started dancing, copying the furi and raising his leg, but when he noticed that Aoi and Reita were doing it differently, he corrected himself. 
  • Kai’s mic turned over during Psychedelic Heroine and he couldn’t do the chorus.
  • Kai was waving his hands like fans, with a big smile on his face. 
  • There was a mirror ball during Uruha's solo during Calm Envy, fans looked at the mirror ball and ignored Uruha's solo.

2 commenti:

  1. Reita played Stand By Me? As in the bass line? Ugh, I would love to have heard it >.<

    Too bad the atmosphere of the live wasn't that good this time, but it happens~ Thank you for the report!