Monday, July 23, 2012


  Reita - the GazettE HETERODOXY PAMPHLET Q&A translation
  • Q:What's the most expensive thing you've bought recently?
    A: Maybe the car..
  • Q: What kind of part time job did you do?
    A: Packing in an industrial bakery. I was very famous for my ability.
  • Q: You are busy all days now, during this period, what's the thing that -according to you- relaxed you, let you caught your breath again or distracted you?
    A: Playing games.
  • Q: Among all lives you did until now, what's the place that hit you the most?
    A: Iwate's live house. Because the electric power failed.
  • Q: What's one thing that you discovered and surprised you recently?
    A: I quitted smoking, time passed by and cigarettes price was higher than I expected. I heard that from leader. Isn't it that leader is smoking?
  • Q: Who scares you the most?
    A: Inside the horrorkei is Aoi.
  • Q: Please tell us the live that is printed in you memory the most among the ones made until now and the reason.
    A:Maybe our first time at Budokan? Because it was a quite hard tour.
  • Q: Among your songs, which is the one that you love the most?
    A: Chijou.
  • Q: Among the GazettE's members, who is the most nervous?
    A: Maybe the leader?
  • Q: Can you tell us if there were interesting talks among the members that made you burst out laughing or laughed the most? (within the bounds of decorum *laugh*)
    A: An artistic picture in which leader was screaming, we didn't use it in the end though.
  • Q: Keji was born on the 10th of June and you called him Keji on occasion of Mutou.. so what is the origin of Osuka's name?! Please tell us!!
    A:: Regarding the origin, the seller told me that maybe it was a male, but it wasn't certain. So Osuka. ('male' can be said in japanese 'osu' and 'ka' is the interrogative particle so the name 'Osu-ka' means more or less: Is it a male?)
  • Q: What is the place that every member like?
    A: I go out immediately if I don't like a place.. mmh a place I like? All!!
  • Q: Your favorite motto?
    A: Things will get fixed. (be o get?)
  • Q: In your private live, you go out eating together or shopping?
    A:I don't actually do it. Maybe it happens during the tour.
  • Q: What kind of perfume do you use? (^O^)
    A:I don't use one.
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