Monday, July 23, 2012


Aoi - the GazettE HETERODOXY PAMPHLET Q&A translation
  • Q: Which is your most embarrassing moment until now?
    A: I don't think it's something to be told on purpose to people.
  • Q: You are with the GazettE for 10 years, are there things that you would like to take as example and make you dignified?
    A: Maybe there aren't. Because we are different from each other so the meaning we give to 'values' is different. If we think about things with the same sensibility, I think it will be a boring band. On the contrary, I think there's no need to say "make you dignified".
  • Q: Is there something that's worrying you?
    A: How the band will go on from now. It's the only thing I'm worried about. Because who can predict their own future? You can't see it, can you? Honestly, it's scary and there are times when I'm distressed.
  • Q: Aoi-san, how much do you like us fans?
    A: As much as a sausage that I can hold between my index fingers in front of my eyes. I'm joking, eh!
  • Q: Please tell us, which are the outfit, make-up and hairdressing you liked the most among all your outfits and the reason.
    A: Maybe the TOXIC one, because I could move easily. But both make up and outfits are chosen by us. I like them all.
  • Q: Beside of the GazettE, if there was something you could do with an ability, what would it be?
    A: Maybe a bar? It's fine a good pairing too… I like handling with people showing how I am. However, since I want to preserve a kind of sense of distance in certain bonds, I'd like to do customer service.
  • Q: Do you like girls with short or long hair?
    A: Both. Short and long are both fine.
  • Q: Which events made you laugh recently?
    A: Maybe when I'm with friends?
  • Q: If fans organized something to surprise you at home, what would you do for them?
    A: At least, I would offer tea.
  • Q: What do you have to do at any cost when you arrive at a live house?
    A: I greet.
  • Q: If you had to do a session band with your kohais or other PSC company bands, which role would you have and who would you invite?
    A: Everyone is fine and any role is good for me.
  • Q: In this FC tour, what kind of appearance are you going to show to fans?
    A: I'd like to show a cool look.
  • Q: What kind of atmosphere is there during meetings for song's choice?
    A: We are detached and we smile. Lately, there is a quite peaceful atmosphere.
  • Q: What is the thing that relax you the most?
    A: Mhhn. I don't know for others. But for me, I'm relaxed when I'm at home.
  • Q: What do you want from fans?
    A: This is a hard question.. that you behave like always? Because I'm really grateful to you and you're really nice persons. Instead, I want to say just one thing "I entrust you like always". *laugh*
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