Monday, July 23, 2012


Uruha - the GazettE HETERODOXY PAMPHLET Q&A translation
  • Q: Which is the scene that got stuck in your heart until now?
    A: Tokyo Dome live.
  • Q: If you wouldn't be a part of a band, which job do you think you would do now?
    A: I don't know why but I think it will be something in which I have to handle machineries.
  • Q: During your day off, how much time do you play instruments more or less?
    A: There are moments during which you play and other during which you don't play at all.
  • Q: Apart from the band, what is the happiest moment during which you do something?
    A: When I drink wine?
  • Q: During your free time in tours, you do tourism or something?
    A: Sometimes we do.
  • Q: Is there a moment that touched you the most until now?
    A: This is something that always happens.. Playing songs created while doing our best and then reaching the final, I'm always moved by finals.. it's like there's something that piles up inside of me. As long as this circle exists, I think I won't be able to hold my emotion.
  • Q: You all seem really busy, but do you do something to keep your body strength?
    A: I go jogging.
  • Q: If the Gazette's members had to run the 100 meters, how would the ranking be?
    A: I don't know, but I'm sure I'll be first.
  • Q: Which is the chord you like the most? Mine is CSUS4.
    A: I don't have the conception I can like a chord itself.
  • Q: Did you see the solar eclipse?
    A: I saw it wearing 5 pairs of sunglasses.
  • Q: Is there a song that rise your tension when you listen to it or that you listen when your tension is high? (*´∀` *)
    A: Why Try from LimpBizkit.
  • Q: How many earrings do you have?
    A: 9.
  • Q: If you could change just for once, beside your part (guitar) which position would you like to have?
    A: Drum.. be able to drum.
  • Q: Uruha-san, in an interview at the question "which alcoholic drink do you like?" , you answered "sherry"". Which is the alcoholic drink you like the most recently? Can you tell us one suitable for girls too?
    A: Lately I like red wine.
  • Q: Can you tell us something bad that happens to you when you drink alcohol?
    A: If I drink too much, then I can't remember anything.
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