Monday, July 23, 2012


Kai - the GazettE HETERODOXY PAMPHLET Q&A translation
  • Q: When you take a break during rehearsal or live rehearsal, how do you spend your time? If there are some funny facts, please let us know.
    A: There are only super boring facts and talks. But it's something that occurs since a long time. Isn't it awesome? *laugh*
  • Q: What's the thing that you do everyday and can't help not doing it?
    A: I practise, even if not every day.
  • Q: Tell us something about every other members that you like.
    A: Everyone of them is original and they have really interesting sides as persons.
  • Q: If you think "aaah I'm getting old too", when doest it happen?
    A: After a live?
  • Q: It's been a long time since you are with the others, are there sides that changed from the first time you met? For example, an interior side, things that you like or habits, since everything is fine I'd like to know if there's something that changed more than others?
    A: Sometimes tastes and habits change, but speaking of nature, no one changed.
  • Q: Which is the thing that it's dearest to "you" as member of the GazettE?
    A: Being a member of the GazettE.
  • Q: The fact that you could never forget during your 10 year activity with this band, please tell it in a positive and negative point of view.
    A: Positive: our first live at Budokan. Negative: when I got a song wrong and I had to stop.
  • Q: Among the members, besides things related to the band, are there discussions or quarrels?
    A: Nope. Even about things related to the band, we never reached quarrels.
  • Q: Before lives, when you scream to cheer you it's cool, but what are you saying?
    A: The intention is to say "FIGHT!" *laugh* Can't you hear it? *laugh*
  • Q: Is there a food that you eat a lot in this period? Is there something you are obsessed with?
    A: Proteins.
  • Q: What are the GazettE pointing at?
    A: The band, it's the only thing.
  • Q: I think that you are really busy every day with tour preparations and recording, what do you cook usually at home? And which is your main course? (^O^)
    A: There is.. pasta and other.
  • Q: Which is the thing you are craving the most?
    A: A new PC.
  • Q: Among the GazettE's songs, is there one in particular that you think it's excellent?
    A: Personally, I like Hyena.
  • Q: What do you do during your day off? Moreover, do you meet up with other members in private?
    A: We almost never meet up in private. During my day off, I sleep..
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