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Aoi (2/3) - Groan of Diplosomia 01 Pamphlet

AOI abrasion

Interviewer: Basically, even if you can play your solo without difficulties when you are home, when you play it live you are anxious, aren't you? *laugh*

Aoi: Exactly. At home, I actually think "I'm so good!!" *laugh* Maybe at lives I'm dragged in that kind of atmosphere.. ? Inside, I think the most challenging part is the guitar solo in YOIN. Besides the fact that it's not a simple solo, this time I want to bring it to the point of playing it with passion.

Interviewer: You're conveying us the fun of trying and do all of this. In order to face this tour, it seems you renewed the equipment you are going do you use, right?

Aoi: I completely replaced it!! It's without any doubts different from the one used for LIVE TOUR 11 VENOMOUS CELL. First of all, the amp, since for VENOMOUS CELL I used a CORNFORD amp, I think the sound too gave a modern feeling. Even if it was a bit high gain. Now I use a Divided by 13, which doesn't distort. Actually I used it 2 o 3 years ago, I stopped using it but now I'm doing it again. Moreover, I bought a Marshall that has the same age as me. It's a two input JCM-600 with master volume. That makes me really happy!! I like it a lot!

Interviewer: It's an original 2203, isn't it? People say that since it has a particular sound it's difficult to play.

Aoi: No, I think it's a great sound! It's the same model Nuno Bettencourt from Extreme used and I wanted one from the same period. When I found it, I immediately bought it. Even when I go to the studio and play I think "Marshall has a really great sound!" and then "Aahh, this is the sound!!". Even recently, a certain guitarist, who uses a modified Marshall, wrote a tweet "Guys, you don't know the real Marshall!!". It seems there's a place like a Marshall museum in Yamaguchi prefecture. Apparently the owner said that it's a big loss that no-one knows the real Marshall. For sure there's a Marshall in every rehearsal studio but aren't they overused amps and so not in good conditions? The ones used in live houses are like this too. It's the same for me. Since it happened to me to only play that kind of Marshalls, I didn't know the real sound. I thought the Marshall had a frail and not strong sound and that the way out of the sound was slow. But for the JCM-800 I bought, they did a complete maintenance and I've the feeling it's totally different from the Marshalls I played until now.

Interviewer: That was a really good investment!

Aoi: For sure! Moreover, in the past I thought that the sound when you directly plugged the guitar in an amp, which could distort, was the best. However, recently I learned to use both the distortion by the amp and the Effect units at the same time. [1]

Interviewer: Eh? Are you serious?

Aoi: Yes. *laugh* I didn't use comps at first. So now I'm a so called "normal guitarist" *laugh*. Like, I line up all comps with the distortion unit and the effect unit.. now, speaking of Multi Effector I just use the Delay audio effect. In the past I thought that arranging a lot of amp racks was the coolest thing to do but now I don't have that feeling anymore. Since now I can use the effect unit with the distortion unit, even with the JMC-800 the sound is easy to create.

Interviewer: Divided by 13 doesn't distort very much and the timber is vintage-kei but it's extremely Hi-Fi.

Aoi: Exactly. It's an extremely Hi-Fi sound. That's why I'm still not sure if using the Marshall or Divided by 13. I think I'll find the solution during the rehearsals for the tour. However, I didn't go for the fancy. In the past I used 3 or even 4 amps but now I usually end up with just one. *laugh* and it doesn't matter which amp you use, the distorted sound you create using the bucking and the crunch tone are the same. I thought of regulating the distortion with the guitar volume without changing the amp settings.

Interviewer: Really? Isn't it how guitarist from the 70s played?

Aoi: Exactly *laugh*. Uruha said "doing this kind of adjustment.. wouldn't it be hard during lives?" but I've the feeling that if I won't do in this way, there will be a sound that won't come out… that's why I even substituted the volume pot of the guitar. In the past, during lives a used a pot A turner in order not to change sound, even if the volume decreased when I hit it with my hand. Now, I decided to use a B turner, it changes the gain and the sound volume. In the past I used the multi-effects, the distortion using the baking, the crunch tone, the clean tone and I selected in details the sound for the solo but now I'm going towards an old style, let's say analogical. I hope that in this way it will be easier to apply the change to the songs. To say the truth, during the fanclub tour and the festival I did it shiftily. *laugh* In this way I've the feeling like not to touch it as usual. Even during rehearsals I realized that I was calibrating the sound with the volume in a natural way!! Since the extremely tricky sound and the clean tone are extremely different, I regulate the sound with the multi Fractal Audio system. The "wah-wah" and "whammy" effects, I play them directly with the amp. Let's say I resolved this way.

Interviewer: Don't you have the feeling the guitar is somewhat alive when you can regulate the sound with the guitar volume?

Aoi: I do! *laugh* I'd like you to experience this during a live.

Interviewer: In the next tour is important to pay attention to Aoi-san's right hand, isn't it? Moving on, let's speak about guitars!

Aoi: Recently I changed the pick up. How to say… it belongs to single coil [2] and humbucker [3] groups. I found the pick up that has a distortion like the Humbucker but it remains the typical sound of the single coil. I bought the Bill Lawrence pick up privately and I had it shipped to my house. The guitar I use is the same one, however since I changed the pick up it has a different attitude. The sound is more real and catchy. I looked for so long for a good Humbucker with the dimensions of the single coil but I couldn't find it. One like that was made by ESP but I wasn't convinced. So I tried the Bill Lawrence and when I did, a melodious sound came out! It hit me so much that I use it for all guitars.

Interviewer: It was a great sound 5 or 6 years ago, perfectly mixed with other musical instrument and it gave a deep feeling, now it changed for sure.

Aoi: Now that I finally perfectly understood the touch of the picking, the sound is real. I think that if I'll make kohai guitarists play with the set up I'm using now, they'll say it's extremely hard. Because it's a sound in which the impetuosity of the play is direct, moreover it's not fluid and it doesn't distort as it seems. I'm using a picking set like this. There's no doubt that the sound is extremely crystal clear. Moreover, the shade is different with Uruha's sound.

Interviewer: It seems like you are satisfied with your new equipment.

Aoi: Let's say yes. Speaking about Bill Lawrence PU, it's not much compatible with the multi Fractal Audio system multi-effects. When I play it directly with the amp the sound is really rich but if I use the multi effects, the timber changes. It doesn't matter if it's a good sound or not, the multi-effects create a multi sound anyway. Since the different timbers are more emphasized I can say it gives a security feeling but I think sometimes this is a disadvantage. That's why I find interesting that with a PU, a guitar and an amp the result doesn't change. However, I was a person that thought these things were too much trouble. But recently, since the sound I want to create is clear, now creating that sound is extremely funny.

Interviewer: You move on with something new. During lives, you alternate among different guitars, what what's their utility?

Aoi: Actually I'd like to use just one guitar. However, since the GazettE uses different tuning, I've to do it this way. Who knows if there's a main guitar..

Interviewer: You have a lot recently, but is there one with which you can create a standard sound?

Aoi: There is! Actually two, the A-III in which the Synchro arm is installed [4] and the snakeskin A-III[5]. They create a sound that suits me, how to say.. now the sound is much more mild. Then there's the completely black A-III I recently created, with that one too I'm managing to create a sound which conveys a great feeling.

Interviewer: Among the original models you created with ESP, you care more for the A-III than the 艶~en~[6], don't you?

Aoi: Yes. But I use the 艶~en~ too. It's just that for the 艶~en~ the body material is different. For the others is alder, but fort the 艶~en~ if we used alder, the sound would be light, I had the feeling that high would be too hight. That's why its body is in mahogany. So for these 4 guitars we make tunings different for each one of them and then I play them for songs. However, when people usually ask me "which is your main guitar?" I usually answer "The ESP Forest[7] I use at home." *laugh*

Interviewer: Is it the guitar you are using since a long time?

Aoi: Exactly. It's a model for sale, it's the Forest in which a Hambucker is generally installed *laugh*. No, at home I don't use models created by me. I use the Forest to practice, let's say that it's probably the guitar I use the most *laugh*. However, since my models became interesting, right now I'm making guitars to play at home.

Interviewer: When you're done, please show them. Going on, I'd like to ask you things about the tour and such. During the tour, you go around a lot in the cities?

Aoi: I'm the kind of person who goes around in taverns, bars. Or I lock myself inside the hotel. However, I generally go out drinking. When I don't go out drinking, it's because I can't catch the manager. *laugh*

Interviewer: I.. I see. *laugh* During our off days don't you go out sightseeing?

Aoi: I don't. When we move from one place to an other, once we arrive, I don't say anything if not "Is there a tavern/bar?" *laugh*

Interviewer: There aren't cities without taverns or bars. *laugh*

Aoi: No no. Sometimes I found them. Near the hotel there's nothing… just darkness. *laugh*

Interviewer: When it's like this there's no choice...

Aoi: I stay mad in bed. *laugh* Or I buy sake in the hotel but then I want to go to a Izakaya [8]. However, there are moments I'm tired of this. *laugh* Thinking about the past, I'm less attached to the fact of going out drinking.

[1] Effects pedal
[2] Single coil - for a strong sound.
[3] Humbucker - for a full-bodied sound.
[4] The third one.
[5] This one.
[6] The first one from the right.
[7] This one.
[8] Izakaya

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  1. Thanks for translating! I look forward to part 3. I can't say I followed everything he was talking about but I tried. It's nice though that he gets a chance to talk about what he truly loves, guitars and for us who aren't very knowledgable in guitars, it was interesting to see just how complex they can get.