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Aoi (3/3) - Groan of Diplosomia 01 Pamphlet

AOI abrasion

Interviewer: So did you get your head together?

Aoi: Who knows… however, I deeply hate going to conbinis. The day I'll meet someone while doing shopping in a conbini, I'll be really depressed. *laugh*

Interviewer: Someone.. are you talking about fans?

Aoi: Exactly. It's easy that just when I'm doing shopping there, I meet them. *laugh* I wonder why is that. *laugh*

Interviewer: Since they are fans who came to the live, I think the time you do this kind of things in the end it coincide for the both of you.

Aoi: Probably. Since I don't want to get out of the hotel, I stock up. For example, when we stay in the same hotel for two nights, I stock up for two days. So if people saw me, they could think "does he eat so much?" *laugh*

Interviewer: Moreover, people who drinks alcohol buy it in big quantities, don't they?

Aoi: Exactly, I buy a lot. Even buying alcohol is a pain so I buy packs of them. *laugh* They'll think "how much does he drink?" *laugh* It's something I hate. It's a good chance to tell you, since during tours I don't go every evening shopping at conbinis, I'd like you to understand something: even if you see me there, please pretend you didn't. *laugh*

Interviewer: I want you to understand that, eh. *laugh* The fact that you go around for taverns, bars doesn't mean you are the kind of person who enjoys the taste of different places?

Aoi: Not so much. Since I usually go to Izakayas. If -going into the right place- there are different things is the best… I don't do things like.. going around and looking for a place so I can drink different things. Above all I want to drink. *laugh* And then, while you're looking for a drink, couldn't you already drink a shot? *laugh*

Interviewer: You're seasoned… which is the alcohol you like the most?

Aoi: Recently as first thing is beer, then I really like Shochu [1]. In the past I said Whisky but I grew tired of that. *laugh* Now I say "Shochu is the best!" *laugh*

Interviewer: Shouchu, it'd be a good thing if it's not left over.

Aoi: Really? I leave it over.

Interviewer: … isn't it maybe because you drink a lot of it?

Aoi: Ahh you think? *laugh* Since whisky's flavor is strong, it happens that you grew tired of it and you can reduce it. While for Shochu can drink your fill. *laugh* I can even say that each part of my body perspire alcohol by now. *laugh*

Interviewer: Wanting to drink your fill with alcohol easy to drink is something of heavy drinkers, isn't it?

Aoi: I want to drink a lot of it by now. *laugh* Then, when I wake up the next morning, my throat is super dry. *laugh*

Interviewer: It's better if you put near your pillow some water when you sleep.

Aoi: Of course, I always do that. *laugh* When I come back from bars, I absolutely buy water. However, sometimes it happened I forgot and the next morning I felt like shit. *laugh*

Interviewer: I feel you. *laugh* In the end you drink tap water.

Aoi: I do, I do. *laugh* I normally drink it by now. *laugh* Having such a dry throat is so terrible it can't be described. *laugh*

Interviewer: Please, don't forget to buy water, ok? So you get drunk… how can I sau… not speaking of Izakayas, is there a food you absolutely eat when you go into a place?

Aoi: Hokkaido's Ebi [2] ramen. It's not that I want to eat it but I really like it and other members too. That's why we usually go and eat it. It's in those moments that we go all together eating or when we party the end of something.

Interviewer: For bands who holds together for such a long time, such a thing seems natural.

Aoi: Probably. It doesn't mean we don't get along well but if you always stay together you end up feeling suffocated. Of course everyone's taste is different. Fans usually say "isn't it better to go with the other members?", I answer "No, It's not." It's worst to force ourselves and go out eating together. I want to say this too taking advantage from this interview.

Interviewer: Respecting each one of your individuality is the pillar that allows a band to hold together for such a long time, isn't it? Aoi-san, aren't there food you would like to eat?

Aoi: When we go to Osaka, I absolutely eat Takoyaki. To say the truth I only eat Takoyaki. *laugh* After drinking, there's a Takoyaki restaurant open till morning. It's good too. *laugh* They don't pour sauce, instead it's mixed with the broth. It seems it's really famous. But I forgot the name of the place. *laugh*

Interviewer: Eeeh?? You can't remember it?

Aoi: I can't. When I go to Osaka, I always go there having fun with members of bands of the place. So, after I drank like a fish I asked "isn't there a Takoyaki restaurant?" and they said there's only that place opened. In a few words, since there's just that place open, I eat Takoyaki only there. *laugh* But it's good!

Interviewer: If you'll remember the name, please let me know. So, during tours, do you do something? Like paying attention to your physical?

Aoi: I don't.

Interviewer: I thought "would it be rude if I ask"? It seems there are a lot of people that during tours go running or do muscle training.

Aoi: Eh….

Interviewer: What does "eh…" mean? *laugh* Then, you can have plenty of sleep.

Aoi: Not at all. Everybody says to me "since you don't care of your body, wouldn't it break dawn sooner or later?" *laugh* Not thinking too much is the most important thing. *laugh* Even if I don't care, my body will be ok. On the contrary, when I go back to Tokyo, its conditions get worst. *laugh* Moreover, during tour even if I drink till morning, I still have to work and couldn't it happened that they could forbid drinking to me? That's what worries me a lot. *laugh* That's why during tours no matter how terrible the hangover Is, I try and avoid to be late at the live's hall or I do my best not to show how tired I am. And when manager says to me "Aoi-san, please control yourself." I get a hold on myself. *laugh* Sometimes it happens I wake up late but not as in the past.

Interviewer: During tours, isn't it normal since the flowing of the day is set up? Maybe that's why your body doesn't break down.

Aoi: It could be. However, I really feel like shit in the morning. *laugh* I've nausea and my body feels heavy. Moreover, I think I stink of alcohol quite a lot. However during the live, the alcohol goes away too with the sweat. When the lives end, I feel again my strength back and I want to drink again. *laugh* I say like "Ah, I've to fuel!" *laugh*

Interviewer: You're the sample of a rock musician. *laugh* Did it happen at least once during the tour that you felt extremely bad and did a live in really bad conditions?

Aoi: Maybe never. However, I'm thinking about how to sleep properly in bed. *laugh* Covering myself up really well with the futon. *laugh* If I'm at home, I just throw myself on the bed and I fell asleep like that. *laugh* That's why I catch a cold. Since I know it, I try and pay attention during tours. I try to do at least this well. *laugh*

Interviewer: The hotel is dry and since the air-conditioning works perfectly, I think this is great.

Aoi: True, when it's cold but even in plain summer I feel cold. Moreover, when I feel I'm getting a cold, I take the medicines they give me in the morning. It's better to take them as soon as possible, so they have an effect. I took Loxonins [3] but when I do it my head hurts because of the hangover. *laugh* Loxonis is the best. *laugh* Even if I'd go to the doctor, they'll prescribe me only Loxonis in big quantities. *laugh*

Interviewer: You reached the end of the line, eh? *laugh* Is there something you absolutely have to do before lives?

Aoi: Recently it happens that I play guitar. And then I do some light bending and stretching exercises. Uruha does some accurate stretching, he prepares the mat and do it there.

Interviewer: Is it ok if you suddenly head-bang without doing stretching or similar before?

Aoi: It's just one of those things. *laugh* You get whiplash. *laugh* But it never happened to me. Speaking of which, at least two times I exercised listening to a radio for gymnastic exercises. I think that's great. It makes you think good of it. The first lessons of gymnastic exercises at the radio is awesome… I know just the first one. *laugh* During summer holidays if you do it seriously, you sweat a lot, I don't know if doing it listlessly too. It's hard, at the beginning you're out of breath.

Interviewer: Ah.. even if you know that radio's gymnastic exercises are effective, how come you don't keep doing them?

Aoi: Well.. during the previous tour, there were lots of things to do before the live. When a lot of your time is taken away form these things, in the end the checking of the guitar comes first. But in the next tour I want to persevere with exercises at the radio. *laugh*

Interviewer: Absolutely do that. It seems you can dived artists among who -accumulating experience- consider lives as an extensions to their normal life and who consider the stage as a special place. What do you think about that?

Aoi: To say the truth, there were times I thought it was a real pain. But that was simply an egoistic behavior. Even now it happens it's a pain but I consider it something particular inside of me. Going on a stage is a fun but I'm afraid of it too. It's not fear like being nervous but how to convey everything to people watching me. Since I'm the kind of person who pays particular attention to that, I remember well fans' reaction. During previous lives this opinion come out too and now I'm wondering if everything will be alright. Fans who speak about music are really nit-picking. Sometimes they are out of place but generally they're right. Critics from those fans are really painful. *laugh* However, I'm happy because it means there are some people who listen to us with passion. Lately, these kind of fans are increasing and I want to respond well to their expectations. When I think about that, I can't go on stage as if it was an extension of my normal life.

Interviewer: Impressing. I think isn't the fun of a live going on stage with motivation and managing to take out the sound you wanted?

Aoi: In the past -during tours- I had the feeling like I was there by chance. Since then for sure there's a part of my way of thinking that hasn't changed. It doesn't mean I took it lightly but now the feeling is deeper. Moreover, each time I face the live with a precise pourpose. I pay more attention to how I could appear too. I'm sure if you come and see me live, I'll manage to convey the fact that I'm on stage with that awareness.

[1] Shōchū
[2] Ebi means prawn.
[3] Loxoprofen

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