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GROAN OF DIPLOSOMIA 01 - 08/10 @ Yokosuka Geijutsu Gekijo

01. [Diplosomia]→[XI]
03. Gabriel on the Gallows
06. Clever monkey
07. The Suicide Circus
09. 余韻 - Yoin
10. 影踏み - Kagefumi
11. 籠の蛹 - Kago no Sanagi
12. [Depth]
13. 歪 - Ibitsu
14. ヘドロ - Hedoro
16. Sludgy Cult
17. Headache Man
18. Attitude
19. Required Malfuction

E1. Ride with the rockers
E2. Tomorrow never dies
E3. Silly God Disco
E6. LINDA~candydive Pinky heaven

WE1. 関東土下座組合 - Kantou dogeza kumiai

What happened?

  • During Silly God Disco, Uruha and Ruki did something similar to the Choo Choo Train and they were really cute.
  • Aoi touched Reita's butt.
  • Ruki at the end took the microphone and bumped it vulgarly against his hips.
  • During Silly God Disco. Uruha went near Reita but when Aoi went there to Uruha, Uruha started to running to his side of the stage. He passed near Ruki who turns towards him and they touch each other hands. When Uruha went away he poked Ruki's shoulder and Ruki made a face like to say "that bastard!".
  • During Kantou.
    There are two versions of this, since we don't know which one si correct, we'll write them both:
    1. Uruha and Aoi were doing high five. However, Uruha had his pick in his hand and it flew away so Aoi was left alone doing the high five. His face was a mix of this (;゚д゚)アッ…. and this ('д'|l!)ぁ゙… like to say: "eh? I'll do it by myself?"
    2. Uruha and Aoi were doing high five. However, Aoi's pick flew away and said to Uruha "next time, you'll do it by yourself!"
  • During Linda, Reita wanted to attract attention to him and Uruha so he started screaming. Uruha was looking at him laughing beating the time with his hands.
  • In the double encore, Aoi had his hand on his chest and stroked it saying "hurts!" and pointed then at Reita who joined his hands to apologize.
  • Reita during DERANGEMENT was wearing his hood but when the song finished he took it off. During the 5th song he was playing the red bass.
  • Uruha was wearing a sparkling jacket and black trousers.
  • During the encore: Kai had a black tour T-shirt, Reita a kind of white cardigan and all the rest black, Aoi a kind of long black cardigan with black pants, Uruha had a long black cardigan too with a white shirt underneath and Ruki a kind of cardigan with black and grey pattern and B/W sneakers.
  • Aoi's hair was black with some pink on the left side. Kai's hair was like in the picuters.
  • Apparently there were no Reita's nor Kai's MCs.
  • Ruki: "Tokosuka, are you having fun??"
    Fans: "Yeah!!"
    Ruki: "Thanks gosh!!" --- "Maybe the hall is different, how many floors are there? First floor!"
    Fans of the first floor raised their hands.
    Ruki: "Second floor!"
    Fans of the second floor raised their hands.
    Ruki: "Third floor!"
    Fans of the third floor raised their hands.
    Ruki: "Fourth floor!
    Fans of the fourth floor raised their hands.
    Ruki: "Very good!" --- "Fifth floor!"
    Fans of the fifth floor raised their hands.
    Ruki: "Very good!!" -- "Ok, let's try again the first floor"
    Fans of the first floor raised their hands again.
    Ruki: "Second floor!"
    Nobody raised their hands.
    Ruki: "Eh? Second floor? Mah, it doesn't matter!"
  • Ruki: "I won't let you go home today!!" and then they started playing Silly God Disco.
  • During Venomou Spider's Web:
    Ruki: "Finally the tour started, since it's the first day maybe you're a bit confused but follow us with decision! without thinking too much!"
    Reita: "DIE!"
  • DRIPPING INSANITY: Just before the intro a digital melody was playing and on the screen there was a drain and then a bath tub, blood was filtering in from the wall and a hand touching the blood.
  • YOIN: there were the sea and the beach and pictures of lanterns on the water. Like this. The intro left everyone stunned, listening to it live quivers so much that it touches you.
  • KAGO NO SANAGI: Before the intro, the lights were like red rays and the atmosphere was like in a cage in a pleasure discrict. During the intro only Uruha was lightened. This song is awesome live and fans should go to lives only to hear this song. Ruki took the mic and bowed his head a bit like he had a bad feeling. He played with his mic and when he tried to put it on the stand he couldn't. A voice saying "ah, he made a mistake" was heard and Ruki started swaying.
  • HEDORO: Fans said the atmosphere was really strange, it's a ballad but they didn't know the furi and they couldn't follow the band's tension.
  • [Depth]: on the screen there were B/W dead flowers.
  • 歪: on the screen the writing BREAK appeared and Ruki started cheering fans saying "Break break break! Say!"
  • Ruki was really into Clever Monkey while singing. 
  • Yoin's solo was fantastic, he did do much solos so it was always a surprise. Maybe he made some mistakes but everything went smoothly.
  • As always some technical problems happened and it seemed the sound wasn't coming out for two times but everything was solved.
  • Just before Attitude 'Break Break!!' was running in the video and Ruki started doing the furi and fans followed him.
  • Kai almost never talked and just said "Kakatte Koi!!"
  • Finally Aoi did some headbanging and he was really cute.
  • Ride with the Rockers was a bit different, they all walked out on stage with different background musics.
  • Kai sometimes had a suffering face and sometimes laughing because songs are really fast.
  • During Venomous Spider's Web' intro, Ruki beat the time with his hands.
  • During Silly God Disco, Uruha raised his hands and moved them from one side to the other.
  • Kai threw his sticks to the third floor but they hit the wall.
  • Uruha and Aoi played back against back again.

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  1. Thank you for doing a live report. It seems nice. I wish I could go and watch them live someday. It must be really awesome to see and hear all their new songs. @.@

  2. Where can I watch this live ?

    1. You can't, it's not a DVD and it's not allowed to recorded lives in Japan.
      It's just a collection of what fans who went to that live told.