Monday, October 15, 2012

Tiny bits of the GazettE @ REDNIQS 15/10

Please read here first:
Today the GazettE were guests at REDNIQS radio too, we didn't found a recorded version and we decided to translate a part of the interview. It was firstly written by a Japanese fan so they maybe be little mistakes in the order of people or something like that.
We may do a part #2 of this if we found something funny or someone else doesn't translate it so for now I'll just leave it as part #1.
Please don't forget to link or credit us if you post it somewhere else.

Talking about recent news~

Uruha: Propolis. It's been a year since I started taking it and thanks to that I can't catch a cold. I take it in order to increase my immune defense system.

Interviewer: You too, Reita, were influenced by Uruha and take propolis?

Reita: He's such a pain in the ass! If by any chance I cough a little, he says "here you go, drink this!!" and then I end up thinking "It's better if I catch a cold!" *laugh*

Uruha: Mah, although my throat hurts a bit now.

Reita: I'm saving but not on my current account, I'm saving cash.

Interviewer: Are you saving money in your piggy bank?

Reita: Nono, I put paper money in a package in the belt I bought.

Ruki: You, always talking about money!

- Reita denies -

Ruki: It's true!

Reita: I like it a lot.

- They ask Reita how much he saved -

Reita: More or less 5.000.000 ¥

Aoi: What the hell of a belt you bought??

Talking about changes (things they've changed or improved)~

Ruki: My apartment is just like as always.

Reita: The apartment of that beautiful mansion..

Ruki: That normal apartment.. That normal apartment..

- Then apparently it seems that Ruki went to Kai's apartment and describes what's in there -

Ruki: No sound comes from the speakers. *laugh*

Kai: Then buy me new ones!

Talking about something they looked for recently~

Ruki: A not yet solved incident. A mysterious and suddenly disappearance. I like this kind of things a lot and look only these.

Aoi: MH3G. If you don't look for it, you can't understand.

Kai: Monster hunter.

Aoi: Don't you hate making detours? Don't you want to take the shortest way? That's not dishonest, this is really important for information companies..

Uruha: Liquid crystal HDMI.

Everyone: woooooow!!

Uruha: I want to play with PS3 during the tour.. I think that connecting it with the PC is fine but.. I want something tiny and light so I can play while I'm lying down.

Interviewer: Which games do you play?

Uruha: Resident evil and things like that...

(the Japanese fan we translated this part form said that when everyone said 'woooow!!' Uruha lowered his voice)

Please credit us if you post it somewhere or else or translate it in an other language (^-^)
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  1. I love Reita. He never ever fails to make me laugh. He's just a perfect bastard. Even though I can't fathom why he's storing cash. That's just weird. If the banks crash, inflation will hit sooner or later anyway, and it'll all be useless.

    In other news, what a nice, random interview, judging by these little snippets! Thank you very much~


  2. I want to play Resident Evil with Uruha! (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

  3. Thank you soooooooooo much for translating this!!!!! and I would be really happy if you decide to translate part#2 too!! :)

  4. Thank you i wait the other part soon please

  5. Thanks for translating

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