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the GazettE @ REDNIQS 15/10 (1/3)

Please read here first:
Since we managed to find a recorded version of the radio we decided to translate it.
Please note that there could be some mistakes because they sometime speak at the same time or -especially Ruki- mumble.
If you find any mistakes please tell us in a comment so we can check and correct!

We decided to translate it for topics, this is the topic of more or less the first 10 minutes of the radio interview (before DERANGEMENT was played), in the end -right before the song- they spoke about the tour and things like that so we decided not to translate that part

Dj Asai: Since we have the GazettE as guests today, please introduce yourselves.

Ruki: I'm Ruki, the vocalist. It's a pleasure.

Uruha: Uruha, the guitarist. It's a pleasure.

Aoi: I'm Aoi, the guitarist. It's a pleasure.

Reita: Reita, the bassist.

Kai: I'm Kai, the drummer.

Dj: It's a pleasure to have you here. Good, all five members are here, aren't they? 

Kai Aoi: Yep.

Dj: Actually this is the first time you are here...

Ruki: Exactly.

Dj: That's why I want you to tell us lot of things.

Kai: Ok.

[talking about recent news~]

Dj: You're doing live here in Kansai and they'll end with tomorrow's live in Kobe. As first thing I'd like to ask you questions starting form recent news about you. Ruki-san lately enjoys spending his free time using various connections of video images.

Ruki: Ehmm, right before this tour started I absolutely didn't have free time… I was in a situation.. I shouldn't say unpleasant.. so, I downloaded a software and started rummaging into it. That was the first time for me, it was so hard I thought "it's impossible!". That's why when I've free time I keep busy with that and I think it would be awesome if I could manage to do it.

Dj: It's about video images that are used oft during lives..

Ruki: In images I created.. there are probably dark moments too..

Dj: You can create things according to the images you use...

Ruki: Mmm!

Dj: I see!! Broadening your role to that point…

Ruki: *laugh* exactly.

Dj: Well then, Uruha-san wrote as recent news "Propolis".

All: *burst out laughing*

Kai: Recent news?

Uruha: Mah, more than recent news I've to say that I've kept using it since an year or so..

Dj: What about its effectiveness?

Uruha: Ehmm, thanks gosh I can't catch a cold. 

All: *laughing*

Dj: It's because of the cold, isn't it?

Uruha: Mah. I heard it's used for increasing the immune defense system.

Dj: Aahh I see. 

Uruha: If there will be a world tour, it's better not to catch a cold.

Dj: Sure, of course.

Uruha: So I think it's better to increase my immune defense system starting already from now.

Reita: Already from now...

Dj: Mah, for sure it's better. 

Uruha: Reita-kun too...

Dj: He was influenced...

Uruha: Yes.

Reita: Yes. He (Uruha) is such a pain in the ass.

Uruha: Aaah this topic came out.

Reita: If by any chance I cough a little, he says "that's why you have to drink it!!".

Dj: Ahh I see. However, if despite that Uruha would catch a cold first, you could call him every name under the sun.

Reita: That's why I think “ Catch a damn cold! “

All: *burst out laughing*

Kai: He'll end up catching one...

Uruha: Ehmm.. my throat hurts a bit now *laugh*

All: *burst out laughing*

Uruha: I'm serious.

Dj: Will propolis be ok?

Uruha: *laugh*

Dj: Aoi-san plays guitar while on tour. 

Aoi: Ahh but, how to say it ..

Dj: Don't you drink oft when you are out?

Aoi: No no no, I'm not drinking that much! I went drinking a few times now too.

Dj: Ah really?

Aoi: Yes...

Dj: Among the Gazette's members, who is the one you go out drinking the most?

Aoi: No no no, it doesn't happen. Because they are serious people.

Dj: Serious?

Aoi: They are.

Dj: Ok, then, Reita-san is recently saving money! 

Reita: Mah, it's not that recent, I'm saving but not on my current account. I'm saving cash.

Dj: I see, I see. 

Reita: I'm saving them in my apartment. 

Dj: In your piggy bank?

Reita: No, not in that. When I bought a new belt, I bought one that had a sort of package.

Dj: *laugh*

Reita: I put money in there.

Dj: Coins?

Reita: No, only paper cash.

Dj: Ah banknotes!!!

Kai: *laugh*

Ruki: Reita always speaks about money.

Dj: Do you like money?

Aoi: He likes it!!

Reita: No no, I don't like money but...

Ruki: Are you being serious?

Reita: I like money a lot.

All: *burst out laughing*

Reita: I do like it.

Dj: How many 100 millions yen did you save?

Reita: No, I wouldn't say how many 100 millions…  I saved more or less 5.000.000 Yen.

All: *burst out laughing*

Aoi: What the hell of a belt you bought?

Dj: Is there a belt like this? *laugh* Then, Kai-san wrote "changing the house interiors" 

Kai: Yes… 

Dj: Did you do it?

Kai: I'm doing it but...

Dj: Mh

Kai: But it's really hard, finding the right disposition.. what's best to change first..

Aoi: Are you speaking about making modifications? 

Kai: Exactly, exactly!! Modifying.

Aoi: Ah, how could it be… 

Kai: In fact, it's not like changing the interior.

Ruki: I don't think you need to make any modifications...

Kai: No no no, recently I did it because I wanted to add some shelves and things like that.

Dj: What kind of apartment is it?

Ruki: An apartment...

Kai: Ah, Ruki saw it.

Reita: It's a nice mansion. 

All: *laugh*

Ruki: I'ts a normal apartment... 

Kai: You (Reita) are annoying *laugh*

Dj: Did you do it like rock star style, didn't you? Awesome?

Ruki: No, actually it's normal…

All: *burst out laughing*

Kai: Rock...

Ruki: Rock.. because it's a rock mixture...

Dj: You can feel the rock.

Ruki: You can't feel it that much..

Dj: Ah but was it arranged with a music room?

Ruki: Well.. there's the desktop but sound doesn't come out from the speakers..

All: *burst out laughing*

Kai: Then buy me new ones... 

Dj: So, changing interiors...

Ruki: In the speaker default setting there's the central part, isn't there? What was that… like line 6 or something.

Kai: There is there is.

Ruki: He didn't go there not even once!

Dj: So you don't use it at all? When you tried to change it you were on tour..

Kai: Exactly!

Dj: It's hard, isn't it? Good, in the end tour started, the tour that follows DIVISION which was released in August. You started from Kansai and I think this is the 5th tour date, how was it Ruki?

Ruki: Speaking about Kansai, we are little by little obtaining results but in this phase we keep going around and we are save by fans' passion, there are moments in which we have the feeling we are dragged. 

Dj: This time I had the feeling there were lots of images related to the sun not like before.

Ruki: Really? But the last time too we used different images, this time there are lot of abstract images. In lots of points there are things like rays directly into your eyes.

Dj: mmh, This...

Ruki: Is it unpleasant?

Dj: Absolutely not. 

Ruki: *laugh*

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