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the GazettE @ REDNIQS 15/10 (2/3)

Please read here first:
Since we managed to find a recorded version of the radio we decided to translate it.
Please note that there could be some mistakes because they sometime speak at the same time or -especially Ruki- mumble.
If you find any mistakes please tell us in a comment so we can check and correct!

[talking about word recently looked for~]

Dj: the word you recently looked for on the net, what is it? Ruki-san wrote "unsolved cases".

Ruki: Exactly.

Reita: 'recently' my ass, he always does that! *laugh*

All: *laugh*

Dj: unsolved cases...

Ruki: I like this kind of news.. more than 'like', I found them interesting, unsolved cases in history until now, like a sudden and mysterious disappearance..

Dj: Archived cases but yet you don't know who the culprit is..

Ruki: Yes, archived cases.. that became incidents too etc.. so I look for only this type of things.

Dj: Eeeh… for sure not happy things..

Uruha: *laugh*

Ruki: It's true, they're not happy things. But this type of drama exists, doesn't it?

Dj: Eeeh, since they describe crimes, in the end you can take suggestions..

Ruki: No, because I'm not directly related with this type of things. It's just that as moral problem, on a large case.. [we can't grab what he says here >_<]

Dj: I see.. then, Aoi-san, the word you recently looked for is "MH3G"

Aoi: Yes, it's connected to MONSTER HUNTER 3G

All: *laugh*

Dj: ahh I see!!

Kai: Mohan 3G. [Mohan is the japanese short way to call Monster Hunter]

Dj: Mohan, isn't it? 

Aoi: Yes, yes.

Dj: So looking for this word…

Aoi: Exactly, if you play without looking for you, you'll understand.

Dj: eh? Really?

Aoi: Yes, yes, yes.

Dj: Kai-san plays Monster Hunter too, doesn't he?

Kai: Exactly. It's a boom among members now. *laugh*

Dj: So you go on with the game while looking for answers on the web?

Aoi: mah.. don't you hate doing it the long way?

All: *laugh*

Aoi: Every human being hates that.

Dj: ah is that so?

Aoi: Yes yes yes. You want to take the shortest way, don't you?

Dj: Even if you cheat...

Aoi: Exactly. Wait no, this… this is not cheating! It's something important between social informations. I'm not dishonest. 

Dj: I see. Speaking of Blue Kelbi Horn… 

Aoi: ahh... those.

Kai: *laugh*

Aoi: If you do everything in that way, you can have them. 

Dj: All three of them? I see..

Aoi: Exactly, exactly, exactly

Dj: So looking in the proximity…

Aoi: Doing your researches, you'll understand which is the shortest way..

Dj: But this is cheating!!

Kai: *laugh*

Dj: Good, than Uruha-san's word is liquid crystal HDMI.

Reita: Uuuuua!

Kai: *laugh*

Uruha: I'm sorry but it's something I like. 

Dj: What is it about?

Uruha: During tour I want to play PS3..

*someone snorts*

Uruha: *laugh*.. I think that connecting it with the PC is convenient and until know I bought setups to connect it with the PC but it's complicated and in the end it took time, so I thought it would be better to bought a liquid crystal..

Dj: One specific for games?

Uruha: But I'm still doing researches for the small, light and thin ones.

Dj: Even smaller of the standard model of the game?

Uruha: Yes yes, a type that you can have it on your lap and play while laying down.

Dj: Do you play like that?

Uruha: Ehm, not yet. *laugh* Not that much?

Dj: From now on?

Uruha: From now one.. It's better if I play with what I bought.

Dj: What are you playing with your PS3?

Uruha: BIO HAZARD  [it's the Japanese name for Resident Evil] and things like that…

Dj: ohhhhhh, so it's a game!!

Uruha: Unexpectedly games are a lot...

Dj: ehh they really are!! Good, than.. the word that Reita-san looked for is…

Ruki: Saving.

All: huhu

Reita: what? 

Dj: You could thing like that, couldn't you? It's Propolis!

Kai: *laugh*

All:  *burst out laughing*

Kai: In the end he was infected! *laugh*

Ruki: In the end eh! *laugh*

Reita: He (Uruha) talked about it so much, moreover mine health conditions didn't get worse during rehearsals 

Dj: I see I see...

Reita: I thought that maybe I was being deceived so I thought "let's try and drink it" and Uruha said to me "the one produced in Brazil is really effective."

All: *laugh*

Dj: So that's how it come about?

All: *laugh*

Uruha: Brazil's bees are really strong..

Dj: ohhhhh 

Reita: So I ordered and bought it and now I'm drinking it.

Uruha: More than a week passed, right?

Reita: More or less 10 days..

Dj: 10 day passed?

Reita: Now I'm all BINBIN. [Binbin is used to say brisk/lively but it means to be excited/to have an boner too, that's why Kai is laughing.]

Dj: Did you say BINBIN?? *laugh* Ok ok, for sure you can't separate from that during the tour, eh? 

Uruha: Awesome.

Dj: Uruha, does the maker donate it to you? 

All: *laugh*

Reita: Didn't he say it was the first time?

Uruha: How to say, it can be *laugh*

All: *laugh*

Dj: Ehm what will be of the GazettE image?

All: *laugh*

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  1. "Reita: Now I'm all BINBIN"
    OMFG XDDD I imagine that this "BINBIN" sounds really cute when he says it XDD Haha (still have to listen to the record XD")

    Thanks very much for the translation!!